Moo-ving towards the future

Shifting towards alternative protein sources offers a promising solution for feeding a growing population in a transition to greener and more sustainable food systems. But what does consumers think of these alternative proteins? In this analysis you can learn more about how we can foster consumer acceptance of precision fermentation technologies and animal-free dairy proteins.

Consumer acceptance is key to fully implement the potential of new technologies.

In this analysis, the MAPP Centre at Aarhus University describes the main potentials of fermentation-based alternative proteins that could foster their adoption in the food market based on a review of the consumer research literature, the current state of the market, including current legislation, as well as experimental research.

How willing are consumers to buy and pay for these products and what perceptions - negative and positive - prevail?

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  • Key findings 
  • From Microbes to Consumers: The Potential of Precision Fermentation 
  • Commercial landscape 
  • Public interest
  • Experimental study on consumer acceptance of precision fermentation technology and animal-free dairy proteins
  • Results from the study on consumer acceptance of precision fermentation technology and animal-free dairy proteins
  • Strategic recommendations

This focus analysis is prepared for Food & Bio Cluster Denmark with support from
Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse in the project Innovationskraft.

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Louise Krogh Johnson

Louise Krogh Johnson

Senior Innovation Manager

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