Netværk: Green Protein Network

A network that explores the challenges and possibilities within new innovative green protein sources

Today alternative proteins have only 2% of the global protein market. Green protein sources have a huge potential and is estimated to be able to claim as much as 22% of the overall protein market by 2035. The green protein market is already a billion-dollar market and just the soy protein market is a 12 billion US dollar market.

This gives huge possibilities for development and collaboration for new ingredients, products and solutions. 

Join the Green Protein Network if you want to get inspiration, find new partners, share and gain knowledge and be part of finding new innovative solutions.

Green Protein Network gathers startups, corporates and universities to explore the challenges and possibilities within new innovative green protein sources. 

The members meet 4 times a year in different locations in Denmark.

As part of the network it is expected that you contribute actively to the discussions, content and development of the network. This also means that attending the four network meetings is a priority for you to continue the exclusivity and development of the network. 

Topics that will be covered in our network:

The group sets the agenda for the network and covers topics like:

  • New ingredients sources
  • Consumer insights
  • New technologies
  • Nutrition
  • Legal aspects
  • Market trends

This network is organised in English. 

Who will find the network valuable?

Green Protein Network gathers startups and corporates from food producing companies, ingredient companies and equipment producers. The network is relevant for innovation managers, product developers, CEOs as well as technical managers. 


3 good reasons to be part of the network


You can get inspiration and gain knowledge on green proteins.


You can be apart of finding new innovative solutions within green proteins.


You can find new partners to cooperate with.

The practicalities

How do I become part of the network?

You sign up by sending an email to network responsible Helle Vedel Friis

How often does the network meet up?

4 network meetings are held annually in different places in Denmark.

The network is organised in English.


September >

November >


How much is it?

Participation is free for members of Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Helle Vedel Friis

Helle Vedel Friis

Innovation Manager

Who's part of the network?

Here you will find examples of some of the companies you may meet in the network.

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