Food & Bio Global Summit 2023

Collaboration Is the Key to Our Future

Two days packed with insights, knowledge, and perspectives on the state of the green transition in our food system and how we can surmount the challenges on our path toward more sustainable global food production have come to a close.

We've collected a few takeaways a bunch of pictures and a short video which sums up the two days of insights, collaboration and action. 

A Global Alliance to get things moving

The conclusion drawn from the very first Food & Bio Summit is clear: To succeed, we must collaborate at all levels as we endeavor to innovate, scale up new ideas, and revolutionise the food system from farm to fork, and in this, clusters have a vital role to play.

As a concrete initiative, the Global Foodture Alliance was introduced as a means to reinforce and further cultivate global-level collaboration among clusters, organisations, and knowledge institutions.

More than 170 industry leaders, startups, SMEs, scientific experts, and stakeholders from 25 countries around the world attended the summit at Aarhus City Hall.

Here, they were presented with successful company and cluster case studies, and keynote speakers pinpointed the major challenges of feeding the rapidly growing global population, how consumers respond to the need for change, and how it is possible to shift toward sustainable food production.

Summit Labs fostered concrete solutions

A significant part of the conference included four Summit Labs during which the participants dived into crucial topics related to the paradigm shift toward a more sustainable food production.

The four Summit Labs covered the following topics :

  • Circular Green Transition
  • Positive Plant-Based Nutrition,
  • Technological Advancements for Maximizing Biomass Production across Multiple Sectors
  • Innovations in Radical New Food Production Systems.

The outcomes of these comprehensive discussions were presented at the conference and will now be integrated into the ongoing initiatives of the Global Foodture Alliance, dedicated to shaping the future of global food systems.

Become part of the alliance

The global challenges, we are facing, necessitate international action and collaboration, and this was a recurring theme throughout the summit. The significance of collaboration across sectors and clusters at all levels, working closely with both large and small companies, is imperative in our efforts to steer food production toward a more sustainable direction. This was one of the primary takeaways from the two eventful days in Aarhus.

We look forward to our next Food & Bio Summit planned for 2025.


Interested in learning more about the Global Foodture Alliance?

Anni Simonsen

Anni Simonsen

Senior Innovation Manager
Britt Sandvad

Britt Sandvad

Senior Innovation Manager

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