Bio4Africa-Divagri: Inspiration workshop on African Green Transition


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24. april 2024 kl. 12:00
24. april 2024 kl. 16:00


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22. april 2024

Green transition from Bio4Africa and DIVAGRI projects - innovative examples.

Divagri and Bio4Africa are two Research and Innovation Actions financed by the EU Horizon 2020 programme. Both projects started in 2021 and will terminate in 2025 – so now we have some results and inspiration to share. A first joint webinar was held in November 2022, and more are planned.

The purpose of this workshop is to present selected results but also ways to work with green transition within business, with farmers and other stakeholders.. The intention is to have short presentations (max 15 minutes) not only focusing on results, but also challenges and processes toward the expected results.

 Moderation: Knud Tybirk, Food & BioCluster Denmark.

Agenda.  Time in CEST=CAT in April.

12.00 Welcome and moderation – Knud Tybirk, Food & BioCluster Denmark.

12.05 Introduction to the two projects and the webinar purpose by DIVAGRI and Bio4Africa Coordinators: Sebastien Clerc-Renaud, Hochschule Wismar & Jean Michel Commandre, Cirad.

12.15 Session 1: Biogas and biochar production and use (60 mins)

  • Experiences and challenges with biogas in Senegal - Lat Grand NDIAYE Univ. Ziguinchor, Senegal – B4A
  • Biogas digesters in the DIVAGRI pilot sites - Isaac Mbir Bryant, Univ of Cape Coast, Ghana - DIVAGRI
  • Test of biochar production and use of biochar based on agricultural wastes - Patrick Rousset, CIRAD - B4A
  • Small-scale biochar Kiln – Fransina Shihepo, NUST, Namibia – DIVAGRI

13.00 Q&A, discussion

13.15 Break 15 mins

13.30 Session 2: Sustainability indicators, business and outreach (90 mins)

  • The DIVAGRI Sustainability Framework and its Indicators – Marlene de Witt, Stellenbosch Univ, South Africa, DIVAGRI
  • Life cycle Assessment approach and example of results - Georgos Lanaras, Draxis, B4A
  • Business models support in B4Africa including a case - Belarmino Rodríguez, BPE, B4A
  • Examples from the DIVAGRI BBTs - Edward Amarteifio, Univ Cape Coast, Ghana, DIVAGRI
  • Business models developed by B4A and their validation process, Evangelia Tsagaraki Q-Plan, B4A

14.45 Q&A, discussions

15.00 short break

15.10 Session 3 Training and extension 40 min

  • Approach and training modules for promoting circular agriculture and bio-based technologies - Francis Kumi, Univ Cape Coast, Ghana - DIVAGRI
  • Extension work through agricultural organisations - Robert Kubai, EAFF, B4A

 15.40 Q&A, discussions

15.50 Wrap-up, conclusions

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Project DIVAGRI | H2020 ID: 101000348 | ‘Revenue diversification pathways in Africa through bio-based and circular agricultural innovations’ |

Project Bio4Africa | H2020 ID: 101000762 | ‘Bio-based solutions for sustainable agri-food systems in rural Africa’ |


Knud Tybirk


Bio4Africa-Divagri: Inspiration workshop on African Green Transition
Bio4Africa-Divagri: Inspiration workshop on African Green Transition