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Agrain Production Site, Gummersmarkvej 7a, 4632 Bjæverskov, Danmark
Gratis / Free
06. maj 2024 kl. 10:00
06. maj 2024 kl. 14:00
Green Protein Network meeting focusing on protein from brewers' spent grain at Agrain

The Green Protein Network gathers startups, corporates and universities to explore the challenges and possibilities within new innovative green protein sources. The group sets the agenda for the network and we will cover topics like new ingredients sources, consumer insights, new technologies and market trends. Join the Green Protein Network if you want to get inspiration, find new partners, share and gain knowledge and be part of finding new innovative solutions.

This meeting focuses on protein from brewers' spent grain at Agrain

10.00 Welcome

Round of introductions

Insight: Plant Based proteins - Market sizes and consumer preferences and habits by Line Haugaard, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Nutrition and application of protein from brewer’s spent grains by Selcuk Yildirim, Agrain

Open discussion

12.30 Lunch

Guided tour at the production facility of Agrain

14.00 Thank you for today


Helle Friis


Green Protein Network members only
Green Protein Network members only