Roundtable | Downstream processing in biomanufacturing


Room 112A, DTU Building 116B, Bygningstorvet, 2800 Kongens Lyngby
Gratis / Free
22. februar 2024 kl. 12:00
22. februar 2024 kl. 15:30
Is better downstream processing the next big opportunity in biomanufacturing? We discuss technologies, hurdles and potential collaboration around DSP to improve business cases and ensure that more biosolutions reach the market.

The focus of this roundtable is how to improve downstream processing in biomanufaturing. We zoom in on the latest from research and new and interesting DSP technologies. 


12.00 – 12.30  Registration, lunch and networking

12.30 – 12.45  Welcome, introduction round of participants and presentation of Biosolutions Zealand II

Section 1: New technologies

12.45 – 13.15 Downstream Processing: Current highways and future destinations by Manuel Pinelo, DTU

13.15 – 13.40 Unfolding the potential of advanced image analysis: Case studies from downstream processing in food- and biotech industries, Rasmus F. Nielsen, ParticleTech

13.40 – 14.15 ChimerAds - Dynamic Bed Adsorption technology for downstream processing of protein by Allan Lihme, Lihme Protein Solutions 

14.15 - 14.30  Questions and discussion

14.30 - 14.50 Coffee break

Section 2: Techno-economic analysis

14.50 - 15.15 Techno-economic considerations for the downstream processing of bioproducts from fermentation broths: 2,3-butanediol as a case study by Camilo E. Cabrera Camacho, BCBT group - DTU 

15.30 Wrap up and input for next meeting

 Target groups:

  • Big biosolutions companies with experience and interest in DSP optimization
  • SMEs and entrepreneurs working to develop new products via bio-production
  • Universities and GTS Institutes
  • CMOs
  • Equipment & technology manufacturers
  • Funding bodies
  • Industry associations
  • Ministries and government agencies with interest in advancing biosolutions

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The roundtable is co-organised by:

Solange I. Mussatto
Professor in Biobased Technologies and Sustainability &
Group Leader, Biomass Conversion and Bioprocess Technology
Technical University of Denmark, Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine

T: +45 9351 1891

About roundtables

During the roundtable meetings, there will be ample opportunity to exchange knowledge, gain inspiration and find new partners. The roundtables are preliminary meetings where we gauge the interest for a networking group with regular meetings. The group of participants help set the agenda and framework.

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Louise Krogh Johnson


Roundtable | Downstream processing in biomanufacturing