The power of openness & launch of new Plant2Food call


Foodspace, Slagtehusgade 11, 2 København V
Gratis / Free
12. december 2023 kl. 13:30
12. december 2023 kl. 16:30
How can you collaborate open? Learn more about the power of open collaboration across companies and researchers and hear more about the new call round for the Plant2Food platform

Find the link to Zoom here.


Join us for an unformal event where we will address the positive elements of working open with companies or researchers across.   

We need to work openly and together to accelerate the plant-based challenges – and the Plant2Food platform give funding for that, but it must be on the companies’ permission and the solutions need to be possible for the whole value chain.  

Join the event to get more knowledge about the open concept and how your challenges and ideas can be funded.  



13.30 Registration, network, and snacks 

14.00 Welcome, Mette Damborg Hansen, Programme Manager, Plant2Food 

14.05 "Drivers and benefits of openness and collaboration in scientific research", Marion Poetz, Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School and Scientific Director at LBG Open Innovation in Science Center

14.35 "Get the Basics Right – why Plant2Food is an important tool in the transition to more climate-friendly food production systems, Vibe Glitsø, Senior Director, Novozymes 

14.50 Better plants, better... dairy?", Astrid Bonke, Head of Development, FÆRM 

15.05 Opening of Plant2Food Call round 2 and timeline, Mette Damborg Hansen, Programme Manager, Plant2Food

15.30 Bubbles, snacks & network 

16.30 Thank you for today 


Next application deadline for Plant2Food is 20th March 2024 at 12.00.  


Plant2Food is financed by Novo Nordisk Foundation with 200 mio. DKK from 2023-2027. 

Plant2Food is run at Aarhus University with the partners University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, Wageningen University (Netherlands) and Food & Bio Cluster of Denmark. 


Astrid Pryds Hansen* (på barsel)


The power of openness & launch of new Plant2Food call
The power of openness & launch of new Plant2Food call